Call of Duty WW2: CoD is Back

Call of Duty WW2 is bringing back the childhood for many gamers as the game is set to be realeased on November 3rd

Adrian Delgado, Writer

Call of Duty is making a throwback game with their release of Call of Duty WW2. The previous game from the company Activision, which is a publishing company for first person shooter games, showed to take place beyond the 21st century, where it’s normal for there to be everyday space travel. Now Activision is taking a step back to 1945, the last game from Activision that took place in the past was released back in November 11, 2008. The game is set to be released on November 3rd, 2017 with lots of new game features and quality graphics than the old 2008 World at War game. The game was announced back in April of 2017, and has been getting a plethora of good feedback to make this a perfect throw back game to gamer’s childhoods.

Call of Duty WW2, will of course have the same features as any other COD game which includes multiplayer, campaign, and a co-op mode. As players play this game they will be able to play on hazardous trenches and rough terrain based on real WWII maps. This game will have many rankings and will introduce challenges where the player has to upgrade and the more experience gained the stronger items the soldier can unlock. Players will also get the opportunity to choose different types of infantry for the soldier that they want to be, such as airborne, heavy, and mountained. The other mode players will get to play is campaign, in this mode the game will take players through the experience of what WWII was like and the storyline of how one of the deadliest wars in human history came to be. The final mode which is a co-op mode will introduce players to a fresh, but horrifying zombie’s game. The game is based on the combination of WWII and fantasy, where the 3rd Reich is desperate and with a last attempt makes an army of zombies to win the war. A fan named Jose Ruiz a current senior in Morton West high school had this to say about the game “The graphics seem to have a great improvement compared to the old game world at war and the multiplayer has lot more options to upgrade your soldier. Also the zombies look terrifying, like how they are supposed to be.” He also said about the campaign “The campaign looks very well develop and hopefully it has Easter eggs based on old characters from the world at war game such like Reznov or Dimitri”

Video games websites such as IGN has this to say about the new game “Multiplayer offers a host of new mode, system, and gameplay innovations across map locations; while an all-new Nazi Zombies cooperative mode unleashes a new storyline.” Another comment made by the website gamespot had this to say “Back to where it all began seemed like the right answer, particularyly in light of Hollywood’s recent fashion with WWII”. We can see here how this game is going to a remake that fans are going to love and will bring back old expierences that players enjoyed.