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Ster·ling (adjective)
1. (of a person or their work, efforts, or qualities) excellent or valuable.

2. Conforming to the highest standard.


Hi! We’re The Sterling, J. Sterling Morton West High School’s digital magazine. We’re the newest voice on the West campus, and we’re excited to share the new, cool, unique and exciting things happening in the Morton community and beyond. All of the content you see on our site is generated for students, by students, through the Journalism classes here at West: if it eats, sleeps, or breathes in the Morton community, we’ve got it covered. Music reviews? Check. Sports? Uh-huh. Club news? Yup. Gaming? Yessir. Fashion, art, and culture? Ding, ding, and ding.

You get the idea:  we’ve got it covered.

So, when you have time – check us out! We’ll be pushing new stories and content to the site pretty frequently, so there will always be something fresh. We promise.

And if you’re interested in contributing or you have some news, swing by A-212 for more info. We’re always looking for the scoop, as well as the next generation of talented storytellers.

Have fun browsing, and as always, #MortonPride.

Mr. Rush, Adviser:  [email protected]
Mrs. Abdul, Adviser:  [email protected]


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