Morton Girls Soccer Amped and Ready for 2023 Season

Brianna Avalos, Staff Writer

The girls soccer team gathers at half time during the 2022 season.

With winter sports coming to an end, girls soccer season is creeping up right behind.  If you or any girls you know enjoy playing soccer, consider trying out!  The Varsity team last year won the fourth regional title Morton Girls soccer has ever won.  If Varsity doesn’t go as accordingly for you, there are also multiple other teams such as JV 1,2,3 as well as Freshman A and B.  The Sterling decided to dig deep and ask some questions of Aaliyah Leanos, a Junior Striker, and head coach, Jim Bageanis, to get the insights of Morton Girls Soccer.

To start, Staff Journalist Brianna Avalos spoke to Leanos about her experiences and expectations for the upcoming season, which starts with the Windy City Ram Classic Tournament.

TS:  What has been your overall experience playing Morton girls soccer?

AL:  “My overall experience playing high school soccer for Morton has been a fun and exciting environment, while still enforcing a competitive and pressurize mentality.”

TS: What are you looking forward to in the upcoming season?

AL: “This season I’m looking forward to competing against the tougher teams/schools because It is when the team demonstrates their passion for the sport which makes me really excited experiencing that feeling with my teammates.”

TS: What are some words of advice for anyone interested in playing for Morton?

AL: “I would tell others to be confident, assertive, and open minded coming into the season.”

Following, an interview with Varsity Coach Jim Bageanis:

TS: What has been your overall experience coaching Morton girls soccer?

JB: “I’ve really enjoyed coaching the girl’s program over the years. Our girls work hard and have really improved over the last 10 years.”

TS: What are you looking forward to in the upcoming season? 

JB: “I am really looking forward to the girls having another successful season, competing for the conference title again and watching the team grow with the younger and older players.”

TS: What are some words of advice for anyone interested in playing for Morton?

JB: “Anyone interested in playing should always be working on their skills throughout the school year. Always working on their fundamental skills such as passing, touching the ball, working on agility, cardiovascular endurance are the biggest factors for working in the off-season. Also playing on a club team to get the additional training and game experience also helps a lot.”

With that being said,  playing soccer for Morton is an overall unforgettable experience.  I myself am part of the program and am so excited to be playing my last year of high school soccer.  Don’t be afraid to try something new! You won’t regret it.