Harry Styles – Love on Tour Review


April Cedeno and Kasie Alamo

Absolutely amazing.

Those are the only words that come to mind when audiences witnessed Harry Styles’s live concert from Friday, September 24th.

At 8 o’clock on the dot, Jenny Lewis made her way on stage, opening up for the main event. At first, no one knew her name, but by the end of the night, she had the whole crowd chanting her name. There was so much love flowing throughout the stadium.  She played about 7 songs before exiting the stage at 8:30.

Over the loud speaker, Harry Styles talked briefly about wearing our masks, to make sure we have a great time and to treat people with kindness (TPWK). Shortly after, the band started pouring out from backstage.  They started playing the start of “Golden,” the first song off his sophomore album. Harry came running down the catwalk.  The crowd went wild hyping him up. He looked a little upset at first but that quickly went away as the song started to pick up in tempo.

Harry played a total of 18 songs, Both from his first debut album: Harry Styles, and his sophomore album: Fine Line.  Each song left the crowd wanting more. After playing his first three songs, “Golden,” “Carolina,” and “Only Angel,”  he talked to the crowd a bit, hyping everyone up, thanking everyone for coming, throwing out interesting facts about Chicago, and mentions how much he loves Chicago and how much it means to him.

The crowd radiated so much love and energy. He kept playing songs back to back and showing off those hilarious dance moves, but he didn’t care: as an artist performing live, he was enjoying himself.  He would take small little breaks in between songs and playfully picked on some of the people in the crowd.

But it wasn’t until the end of “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction and the very start of “Fine Line” where Harry took a moment and truly thanked everyone. He thanked the crew in the back for everything they’ve done, he then thanked his band, then he finally thanked the crowd for supporting him. He said that it didn’t matter if you’ve been supporting for the past year or the last 10 years. He was just grateful for everything.

Then the best song of the night played, “Fine Line.” The last song off his sophomore album.

Everyone in the room lit up their phones and sang along quietly. It was absolutely beautiful. The vibe in the room completely changed. From upbeat and chaotic to calm, quiet, and peaceful.

After the song was finished, Harry finally introduced his band members, one by one. His band was very diverse, Mitch Rowland, lead guitarist. Sarah Jones, Drummer. Niji Adeleye, Piano.  Pauli Lovejoy, percussions.  Ny Oh, both Piano and Vocals. Adam Pendergast, Bass guitar. And last but not least, Charlotte Clark, piano, guitar, and vocals.

They played 2 encores to wrap up the night, “Adore You” and “Kiwi.”