Battlefield 2042: The Biggest (and Best?) Battlefield Yet?

Video courtesy Microsoft, Battlefield 2042, Dice Entertainment


Daniel Leon, Staff Writer

Will this be the Call of Duty killer? Will this new Battlefield be the best one yet? Gamers and franchise die-hards alike will see on Nov. 19 this year when Battlefield 2042 hits shelves and downloads. The Beta will be live on the 6th for pre-order players and on the 8-9 for everyone this month.

Brief release delay aside, new mechanics, new characters, new maps, and new adventures have games salivating at holiday debut of Battlefield 2042. This latest entry in the Battlefield series – developed by DICE studios and published by Electronic Arts – is going to have a lot of new things for fans this year. But there’s also bad news: the beta version has been delayed to an unknown date. Battlefield 2042 will come with a new mode, Battlefield Portal, where players are able to make whatever conflict theatre they want from World War 1 to the distant future.

Modes for Battlefield 

This Game will have All-Out Warfare where Next Gen players and PC players will be able to play up to 128 players and last-gen will have 64 players with Conquest and Breakthrough. Two new modes will drop with the game, Portal and Hazard Zone. Portal is a whole new mode where players can set their own objectives and missions. Hazard Zone is rumored to be a Battle Royal game mode. Fans and critics will see soon what this new mix of the best sandbox and edge-of-your-seat experiences are like.

New Characters

In Battlefield 2042, players will be getting specialists for their classes.

Assault Class-Webster Mackay from Canada, Specialty-Grappling Hook. With Mackay you can swing into action with the new Grappling Hook. Trait-Nimble. With Nimble your agility will be increased when aiming down sights and ziplining.

Support Class-Maria Falck from Germany. Specialty S21 Syrette Pistol. Players now will be able to heal and revive teammates from afar. Trait- Combat Surgeon. When reviving a downed teammate they will come back with full health.

Engineer Class-Pyort “Boris” Guskovsky from Russia. Specialty-SG-36 Sentry System that will light up any unsuspecting enemies. Trait-Sentry Operator. Be close by your little friend, and it’ll boost its efficiency.

Recon Class-Wikus “Casper” Van Daele from South America. Specialty-Ov-p Recon Drone. Reveal enemy positions and disrupt their electronics. Trait-Movement Sensor. Players will be able to detect incoming threats with your sensor equipment.

(Bonus)  Second Engineer class- Kimble “Irish” Graves from Battlefield 4 is back now as a playable character. Specialty- Fortification System. Players can place down the DCS  Deployable Cover to stop incoming rounds and explosives and also the ASP-36 shootdown sentinel will take out explosive projectiles. Trait-Veteran. You can provide armor, with additional bonuses from downed enemies.

More specialists are coming out later in Battlefields lifecycle.