“Outer Banks” Has Left Their Fans Wanting More After Their New Season

Video courtesy Netflix


Barbara Nava, Staff Writer

For fans of shows that leave their audiences with season-finale cliffhangers, the second season of “Outer Banks” didn’t disappoint. The ending of season two was definitely shocking, and it left the fans craving a third season.

A group of “Pogue” teenagers are committed to find out what happened to John B’s (main character) missing father. The group of teenagers finally found a legendary treasure that is tied up to John B’s father in season two. After a bunch of life-threatening experiences that the Pogues had to overcome, they never gave up to get their legendary billion-dollar treasure which was a golden cross that the “Camerons” stole from them.

These two seasons of Outer Banks are filled with a roller coaster of emotions that keeps the audience engaged in every single episode, and fans – particularly those at Morton West – have enjoyed every loop and turn.

Miranda Hernandez, a senior at Morton West, stated “I watched the second season in one day, it was too good I couldn’t stop watching it.” Outer Banks has done a great job in engaging their audience to every season, with so many suspenseful scenes it keeps everyone anxious to see what’s next, Hernandez said.

After two full seasons of intense fights and obstacles that the Pogues went through, the last episode left the people with a crazy cliffhanger. ” That last episode really took me by surprise, I didn’t expect for things to take such a crazy turn,” Hernandez stated. Outer Banks always knew how to make their audience wanting more.

Netflix made a good choice by featuring this show because it attracts not only teenagers but a lot of other ages too. Many people fell in love with this show because in every season the teenagers went on hard and intense missions but no matter what they always showed the good relationship that they all had with one another and this made the people admire their strong friendship and eventually they all start to create a type of relationships with the characters as well.

What seals the deal for most fans -including Hernandez – is the relatability of the characters.”I could relate so much to every single one of these characters I can’t wait to see more from them, Netflix better not take this show off, it’s the best one I seen yet.” Miranda Hernandez stated.

Netflix tends to take off good shows like “The Office”,  “Friends”,  “That 70s Show” etc. but many people would be very upset if they were to ever take off Outer Banks from Netflix because of their favoritism towards all the characters and how good the show really is. Outer Banks main character “Chase Stokes” has won “People’s Choice Awards: Favorite Male Tv Star” and also won “MTV Movie + Tv Award: Best Kiss” along with his girlfriend that also was a character in Outer Banks “Madelyn Cline”. This show is full of surprises and after that cliffhanger at the end of the season, many people are expecting and demanding a third season.