PS5 is the Hot Resell Item: System Bugs and All

Video Courtesy Sony, Youtube

Kevin Verdin, Staff Writer

Sony’s PS5 has had the biggest console launch the business has seen since the previous generation release of the PS4 in 2013. Retail stock was completely depleted and most local stores received little to no product from Sony. Online releases were a bit better although websites like Walmart, GameStop, BestBuy, and even Sony’s website itself crashed on multiple occasions due to the website being overloaded with people and bots alike.

PlayStation 5 orders appear to crash Walmart's website - Business Insider
A screengrab of the temporary crash of on the day of the PS5 release. (Staff image)

The holiday season high demand for Sony’s new flagship system created a perfect haven for the resell market. Retail for the PS5 Disk edition was $499 while the DE (Digital edition) retailed at $399, but resellers were purchasing and flipping them for almost double that leading up to the holiday. As of the middle of December, EBay’s completed listings shows multiple sold PS5 systems from anywhere between $1,000 and $1,500.

With a price that hefty, regardless if gamers paid retail or resell, they expected the best system coming their way. Unfortunately, that was not the case early, as there were multiple reported cases of PS5s suffering a download freeze, not letting users download games or apps like Netflix, Disney, and other apps compatible with the PS5. Sony has subsequently pushed updates that eliminate the remedy the problems.

Reseller Christian Bustamante takes a picture of his inventory of PS5s.

After speaking to a reseller who I personally know I got see a bit of an insight into the resell world and what he thinks about the PS5 bugs.

Cristian Bustamante aged 17 has invested somewhere around $4,200 dollars on 8 PS5 consoles, in the following weeks he sold 5 out of the 8 consoles with his price ranging from $850 to $1000 dollars totaling up to $4750 dollars with 3 consoles still just sitting in his room. Not only did he make his money back he even profited a bit, with again 3 more consoles to go. we then spoke about the software bugs that most of the debut batch of PS5’s had he stated ” 2 or 3 of the systems I sold were part of that debut patch batch but, I guess I got lucky and got the good ones, I did hold off on buying so many in fear of stuff like what’s happening right now I didn’t want a messed up PS5 to be on my record, I waited to buy until Sony said they were working on a software fix s I knew there was an answer to a possible problem.”

Even with bugs it is likely the PS5 will continue to sell out during retail drops and also continue to resell for these insane resell prices. I do believe the patient people will be rewarded, as the demand is very high Sony will most likely release a huge amount of consoles for the beginning of the 2021 year.