iPhone 8/X(10): What You Need to Know


Jaime Alfaro, Writer

At Apple’s annual September iPhone event at the new Steve Jobs theater in Cupertino California, which took place on September 12, Apple revealed three new iPhones: the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. While the iPhone X is the new Apple high-end device that will change the phone game forever, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus both have received some new improvements.

The iPhone 8 got some improvements from the 7. They come in the colors of space gray, silver, and pinkish gold. The new iPhone 8 will have wireless charging. The phone comes with a new chip A11 that would make the iPhone 8 25% more faster than the iPhone 7.

The iPhone X is a new high-tech smartphone that will be available on November 3. Pre orders for the phone will be on October 27. The iPhone X will start of at whopping $999. The iPhone X will come with new feature to unlock your phone called Face ID, which – according to Apple per CNET.com – can’t be spoofed by photos, and will recognize you even if you’re wearing glasses or a hat. It also comes with a new feature called Animoji, where you can make and animate emojis of facial expressions.

phones iPhone 8 iPhone  X
cost $699 $999
colors Space gray, Silver, Pinkish gold white, black
 released date September  23 November 3
charging wireless/wired wireless /wired
Animoji no yes

Even with the leap forward in features, some Morton students are skeptical – or at least hesitant – regarding the new iPhone models. Senior Norma Martinez would have liked if Apple brought back an old feature from the tech graveyard: ” I would’ve liked to see the head phone jack come back in the iPhone 8,” Martinez said.

Another new feature that has its share of critics is the addition of a glass back. The change is a step forward in aesthetic design, but according to CNet.com, some consumers worry that it’s just makes the phone more susceptible to damage.

And the cost? Morton senior Cristian Corona isn’t so happy that the new iPhone X is starting out at $1000. “That’s really expensive for just a phone,” Corona said. “There’s no point of getting it if I already have a fine working phone.”

For now, some Apple customers are waiting to see whether the phones deliver on their hype. Mr. Stoch, a Morton West engineering teacher, said “I’ll probably wait to see the reviews on the phones before I get it.”