Air Pods Pro 2: Are they worth it?


Daniel Garza, Staff Writer

Apple recently announced the new Air Pods Pros. With enhanced noise canceling and new features for even more convenience. There are six new significant features for the second-generation Air Pods Pro. But will it be enough for people to get them lets take a look.

Better Active Noise Cancellation

The second-generation Air Pods Pro added Active Noise Cancellation, which is now up to two times better. This feature was previously included in the first-generation Air Pods pro. Enhanced noise-canceling microphones, a new driver, and better algorithms will result in less background sound entering the user’s ears when enabling Active Noise Cancellation.

Longer Battery Life

With Active Noise Cancellation activated, the second-generation Air Pods Pro provide listening duration up to six hours, which is 1.5 hours longer than the first-generation Air Pods pro. The new  Air Pod pro can provide up to 30 hours of listening time when paired with the MagSafe Charging Case, which is a six hour improvement from last generation.

Better In-Ear Detection

To recognize when a user inserts the Air Pods Pro from the first generation into their ears, they have IR optical sensors. Similar to to the third-generation Air Pods, the new Air Pods pro have skin detection sensors for improved in-ear identification, longer battery life, and more dependable functionating that will stop the Air Pods from being accidently triggered in a purse or pocket.

Adaptive Transparency Mode

Air Pods have Transparency Mode, which employs external microphones to let you hear the environment around you in addition to Active Noise Cancellation. With Adaptive Transparency Mode, which can reduce loud noises like sirens and power tools while allowing you to hear other sounds, the second-generation Air Pods Pro another step in the right direction.


Finally Apple is addressing many of the issues fans had with other generations of Air pods. The new Air Pods Pro, sound way better, fit better, and has lots of features so you won’t get bored. They did increase the price, but sitting at $250 is so called overprice, but a nice amount.

So if you are an Apple user and want the best true wireless earbuds made by Apple, then you have to go the with Air Pods Pro, there the only ones worth having lots of people say.