Which is better?

Is the United States tops, or does Mexico have more assets? We decided to find out!

Liz enjoying some Cane's

Liz enjoying some Cane’s

Yoselin Villegos

Different ethnicities all over, equal rights among all, and the 1st amendment is what America is most known for. The views and fun activities is what tourists are familiar with in Mexico, but is living in Mexico more ideal than living in the U.S.?

When traveling to Mexico and visiting popular spots like Cancun, people don’t really think about the people giving them the service; more than likely they’re too busy enjoying their vacation and the 18 year–olds are probably too busy sipping piña coladas since Mexico’s drinking age is 18. In a recent article on everythingplayadelcarmen.com, there’s a list of the wages per job for example a worker at the front desk of a hotel gets paid 11,000 pesos per month that is the equivalent of 561.83 USD. Sadly, that is one of Mexico’s cons. But according to the conversation.com, the average Mexican is way healthier than the average American, Come on, America! In fact, the U.S. is the most obese country in the world maybe because 100 acres of pizza are served in the U.S. everyday, (worldatlas.com.)

Security staff member Maria with a blinding smile!

Security staff Maria, when asked whether she preferred Mexican restaurants or American restaurants, she stated, “I prefer Greek restaurants over both, but if it came down to just those two options then yes, Mexican restaurants because the food has more flavor.” In another interview when asking whether President Trump or Mexico’s President Obrador has accomplished more, Liz Gonzalez, senior, said that Trump has accomplished more than the Mexican President Obrador, “He’s been keeping up with his promises not for the side that I think is better but for his people, the Republicans.” She also stated, “I think if a Mexican was to visit the U.S. they wouldn’t like it because they’d see the sad reality: everyone is working and stressing out about bills and school, anything that has to do with money.”

If you ask people whether they think people live longer in the U.S. or in Mexico most will say in Mexico, like Juvian Garcia, a junior. “In Mexico everything is pure, the food is pure and not artificially made,” he noted. This is more than likely true because many grow their food and here people purchase their food.

Daniel taking care of his baby… Good job, Daniel!

Garcia also stated, “The only great thing about America is the fast cellular service.”  It’s difficult to get a bar of cell service when you’re at Mexico some people even walk up hills just to make calls. Daniel Gasparro, Senior, was asked whether he’d live somewhere without Internet, he said,“No, but I believe people should go out and explore places and do things without Internet more.”

Many love to visit Mexico, but living there doesn’t seem to be ideal for them simply because of the lack of cell service and not enough pay. Their food is delicious and the tourist spots are beautiful, but every pro has its con… hard working individuals whom don’t earn enough; however, at least they make Mexico worth the visit.  So, which country do YOU think is better?