Valentines Day – A “Taken” Boy’s Perspective

Anthony Vargas, Staff Writer

February 14th, a tale of two stories. Either the most complicated day of a man’s year, or a simple one.

So you’re thinking, what do I get my significant other this year?

I’ve already got her roses last year, why would she want them again? Or is it essential? Do I also get chocolates? Is that too basic?


And so the overthinking floods your mind and you are at a loss for ideas on what to get her.

We’ve all been there.

First, you cannot go wrong with flowers and chocolates. Although it may seem cliché, let’s be honest.

Girls. Love. Flowers.

Whether it’s roses, a bouquet of flowers, or tulips, get flowers. It ultimately comes down to your partner on what kind of flowers she likes. Roses do give off a romantic vibe to the season, but if your partner doesn’t like roses, there are a variety of flowers and flower shops that will have just what you’re looking for to match your partner. Girls also love sweets (most). If you think a box of chocolate would get her munching don’t be shy to buy a pack. (If you buy the chocolate you both like, the investment will allow you and her to both indulge in some delicious chocolate).

After buying flowers or chocolates (or both), giving a gift with sentimental value goes a long way. None of us men want the break the bank too hard.

Something as small as a handwritten love letter will have your partner thinking about you for HOURS. As long as you write enough to warm her heart, a love letter can clutch up your Valentine’s Day. If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks, something like a necklace, bracelet, or a small teddy bear to add to her collection just completes the day with a wow factor.

The last and most essential part of Valentine’s Day is the Dinner.

If you wait until the last minute to think about Dinner, picking her favorite fast food spot and having a car date will never fail. Music in the background, a dark night, and her favorite food will end her day off right.

Now if you are a GOOD boyfriend, you plan ahead. Making dinner reservations is easy as calling ahead or booking one through your phone at restaurants to make sure you have the perfect night. Depending on your partner, the scene and location will vary, but a Valentine’s Dinner can end the night off in fashion (GIRLS LOVE FOOD).


Personally, some out-of-the-box gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that I’ve given to my partner include a photo in a photo frame of us, an exploding gift box with a ring on the inside, and matching sweaters to wear for the spring season.