Valentine’s Day- A Woman’s Perspective

Michelle Vasquez, Staff Writer

It’s January, the stores are stocked with boxes of chocolates, teddy bears, and flower arrangements. Love is in the air. Or it’s supposed to be. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

As women, what do we expect from our significant others or loved ones on this holiday? Or what do we think of this holiday overall?

As February arrives, advertising for Valentine’s Day becomes heavier. You begin to wonder, “Is he/she going to ask or should I ask to be their valentine? Am I supposed to expect flowers on that day from my lover? Am I even going to have a valentine this year?” It is safe to say it may become a little stressful at times.

Valentine’s Day may be a little hard to navigate for some women. You may be a little unsure of how seriously your lover is taking this holiday. Are we just trying to do something small or are we trying to dedicate all of our time and effort for the perfect outcome?

For some women, they have a different stance on Valentine’s day. It may just be any other ordinary day for them. Nothing is expected from them nor do they expect anything from others. Just a day for corporations to profit off of.

Although some women view it as not only a holiday for their significant other but to also show love and appreciation to people who compliment their life.  Ranging from friends, to siblings, to parents, it’s a day to show that love really is all around.

Yet women in relationships or “situationships” may expect a little something. Depending on the woman, she may prefer the most biggest gestures. Surprising her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers, a reservation to dinner, and quality time on that day. Or she may prefer something small like chocolate-covered strawberries, a letter, and some flowers. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive gesture, just the most thoughtful. Just knowing that a lover thought of them and tried their best to do something for them, makes them feel warm inside. It may also be a little difficult to know what to get your lover in return. Do they really want a teddy bear that may just end up lost under his bed? Do they really want their favorite candy for the 5th time again?

At the end of the day, for all parties, it may just be the thought that counts. Valentine’s day is a day to show gratitude for the special people in your life.