The Rise Of Esports During Covid-19

Giovanni Escudero, Staff Writer

So when it comes to Esports it’s been on the rise for the last 10 years. In fact, the first-ever esports tourney was held in 1972, Stanford University, Oct. The video game that was played at that time was called SpaceWar. After this day it sparked a chain of reactions that would eventually lead to a popular term called “Esports”. A New Type of Entertainment: The Rise of Esports Arenas Around the Globe | ArchDaily

This just shows that the online Gaming/Competition has been going on forever and to this day is now one of the most popular things in the media. Ever since the new virus breached the entire Country we have been in quarantine.

And since everyone is inside their house Esports has fueled sharp growth in viewers and engagement with esports online and new opportunities. Many Big names Including Michael Jordan, Will Smith, Drake, Mike Tyson, and etc have also started their engagement with this online phenomenon. What these celebrities help do is push out the name even more and help grow the community with the proper funds that we needA list of celebrities that invested in Esports recently » TalkEsport


Ever since Covid-19 struck the U.S.A I have been very involved in the Twitter community where I meet so many Content Creators, Management, GFX artist, and many more roles. I have also made so many connections/Friends ever since I’ve been investing time with the community. And I’ve also made a name for myself on there as well. As more and more days passed by that I was involved with the community I noticed that there are so many people that want to make it big and play on a Pro level.

Some of the most used consoles in the esports community are the Xbox and PS devices. Last month these two giants announced that they will be realizing they’re new anticipated consoles. Xbox is releasing the Xbox Serious x and the PS is releasing the PS5. these two consoles will be revolutionary since both of these giants are finally Making their console handle 120fps. This will affect many people in the esports community in a positive way since now they can compete against PC players even better now.

The Chicago Tribune also stated, ” Consumers spent $33.7 billion on video games from January through September, compared with $27.9 billion during the same time period last year, according to The NPD Group. Spending in the third quarter reached an all-time high of $11.2 billion, up 24% from the same quarter last year, the market research firm said.”. This shows how the numbers are growing at a massive rate and have no sign of stopping.

How Bugha's earnings compare to other esport player's earning from a single game. : FortNiteBR

So normally the ones that organize Tournaments are the actual teams themselves. It’s very rare for an individual to start a tournament for others to play. Unless they want to do it for charity and stream it on Twitch or Youtube and gain followers off of that. The website The Street stated, “eSports offers regular salaries to team participants, with average salaries in the$3,000-to-$5,000 monthly in gaming hotbeds like China and the U.S. Top echelon players can earn much more, up to $15,000 for a single competition plus bonuses.” This shows that Esports shouldn’t be undercooked and eventually gain the attention of 3/4 of the population of Earth.