Lights, Camera, Gally!

The Sterling decided to interview theater queen Galilea Mendez.


Interview by Tais Guerra

Q:  How much do you enjoy being in theater?

A:  I really enjoyed being in theater; it’s definitely one of my favorite things to do after school.

Q:  Do you get shy when performing? Why or why not?

A: I don’t get shy because when you’re preforming for people you get adrenaline because  you know you’re being watched. So, you don’t get shy, you get nervous!

Q:  What was your favorite part of the musical?

A:  My favorite part of the musical was getting really close to all of the cast.  The people in the musical are the same kids that have been in theater, but each show really brings you closer together!

Q:  What is something you wish were different?

A: I wish that there would be a much bigger hype for all of the fine arts because everyone works really hard.

Q:  On a scale of 1 through 10, how difficult is it to remember lines?

A:  Remembering lines isn’t even that hard because during rehearsals all you listen to are recordings over and over again, multiple times a day. I know the lines of other characters that weren’t mine, not because I studied them but because I heard of them so much. So I would say about a 2.

Q:  How long are the rehearsals?

A: Rehearsals for the first 2 months are about 3 hours, but once tech-week comes everyone stays until 8:30-9:30, sometimes 10. It just depends on how it goes and if people cooperate.

Q:  Do you enjoy wearing costumes and make-up?

A: Costumes are a bit of a drag, because sometimes they aren’t super comfortable & since they aren’t really made like real clothes, they might be annoying even thought they are so beautiful. Putting on make-up, heavy stage-thick make-up is extremely fun because you can be creative with it, but it has the downside of making you break out since it’s put on for two weeks straight.

Q: Do  you believe that the part you received suits you?

A: Yes, I really do! It’s a cute part, really bubbly and flamboyant. I know that I could really take up that part even though I’m not really like that in real life.

Q:  How do you become the character? How do you make it your own?

A: We actually have a tradition: every time we take a “pill” and once we take that pill, you are no longer yourself.  You are just that character and sure it may not be literal, but it’s an exciting and interesting way to look at it.

Q: What is essential to have in order to have a good play?

A: I think that for the musical there has to be good dancing, good vocals, good acting, good lighting, costumes, all the “minor” things have such a huge part, even the shoes and hair make such an impact on the overall musical. Publicity is important, flyers, making sure that everyone is happy and well-fed is important.  There is so much that is essential for a great play/musical.