Achieving Varsity

Franchesca Hernandez, Writer

Being on the Girl’s Basketball team is a good enough achievement, but being on the varsity team during your sophomore year is even better. Allison Bonin is a prime example of that. As one of the coaches for the girls’ basketball team at Morton West, Logan Brown saw potential in Allison. “She will do anything that is best for the team,” stated Coach Brown.

Allison Bonin during media day

It’s easy to see that Allison is very dedicated and committed to this sport. “I’ve been playing since 4th grade, so seven years,”  Bonon stated. She hasn’t been on varsity any of the past years. Bonin was originally on the freshman team during her first high school year,  but then at the end of the season, she was moved up to junior varsity (JV). Since this is her first year on the varsity team, Bonin stated the it has beenbeen hard at the beginning. “At times it has been hard having to workout and condition and having to learn different plays in addition to learning to play how my teammates play.” Yet this doesn’t take away how fun Bonin says it is and how much she truly enjoys basketball. Coach Logan Brown said Bonin has been asked “to play a lot in the low post. She has taken on that challenge and has been a great example for other girls in the program wanting to play that position.”

Bonin originally didn’t think she was going to make the varsity basketball team and she was just going to make the JV team.  Bonin has a new position called power forward and for this position, she is in the down low and she tries to make as many layups as possible. However, this position is a bit challenging for Bonin since it is possible to get injured by the other players. Allison and her team have a good bond since she said that “during practice, we’re so close and it’s like a big family.” Every individual in the team contributes somehow to the overall team’s success. Bonin said she contributes is by point scoring but most importantly she says she’s a good motivator and loves cheering her teammates on to win their games. Coach Logan Brown said “It’s easy to see that Allison is deserving of her spot on the team due to her skills, her motivations, and her overall commitment.