Cross Country Locktoberfest Race

Anthony Lopez, Writer

The Cross Country Team raced at the LOCKTOBERFEST INVITE and the mustangs were striving through tough competition.

On October 1st, the Mustangs raced at Lockport. The course was a traditional 3-mile course and it took 1 large, long lap around the park to complete the race. The race had begun in the morning with 3 groups of Boys racing that day that consisted of Varsity, frosh/soph boys, and the open race.

The boys raced in between the times of 9 am – 10:40 am. On that day it was perfect weather with clear skies for a run. The course had many obstacles such as hills going up and down, potholes, and uneven ground with every step.

Although these obstacles were presented during the race the runners ran and performed well and were happy with their results. “Even though it was a rough course it wasn’t that bad and it was fun!” said Adrian Comas, a senior from Morton East. Another runner said, “I expect our runners to improve in our times and make it to state!” said Alex Aargon, a Junior from Morton West.

At the end of the race, our Mustangs as a team placed #8 out of 26 teams but this isn’t their last race, the Cross Country runners still have 3 more races, Conference, Regionals, sectionals, and state.

The times of our top 3 runners for the Locktoberfest Race

27- Alex Aargon – 17:23:20

30- Fernando Quintana – 17:27:00

33- Alan DeLaLuz – 17:32:70