Jimmy John’s Winners

Kiandria Armstead, Reporter

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The JS Morton District along with Joshua McMahon, principal of JS Morton West High School, conducted a program called Freaky Fast to Class. Zakkery Bock and Samuel Linares, both seniors at Morton West, were the September and October winners of Freaky Fast to Class.

Over the years Morton West has tried everything to get their students to be in proper uniform and on time to class. Freaky Fast to Class was conducted as a way to help this goal by offering a sandwich from Jimmy John’s for a randomly selected student who is on time to class and wears their uniform. This program started 4 years ago when McMahon became the principal at Morton West. This year, 2017, a number of students have won Freaky Fast to Class and some students believe that it’s a great idea.

Zakkery Bock states, “It’s a good program for kids to get to school on time um but I feel like they limited so more kids will realized if they come to school on time that it could actually win sometime from it.” Samuel Linares states, “yeah I think it helps those kids that come in on time it’s pretty good”.  Some students such as Linares feel that they should change up the foods because “…it would be better if they spread out so students can get what they want so it helps them achieve it more often” stated Samuel.

When hearing the announcement of the winners, both students were very surprised because they didnt expect to win yet they were also excited. McMahon stated that in order  to win “All our id numbers are in a drawing and there a teacher who picks two winning groups a week if your name is drawn then you on that day when we chose freaky fast to class If you’re in class on time 1st period and in your uniforms and everything like that you can get Jimmy John’s for lunch that day”. Multiple students win “8 people win a week on average”. McMahon believes that Jimmy John’s is the best opinion allowing you to pick what you want from the menu and everybody is happy.

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