Homecoming Parade… 2017 edition!

Kiandria Armstead, Reporter

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The JS Morton District 201 Homecoming parade took place on Friday, September 22. Over the years, the homecoming parade has changed but it is still a tradition for Morton District.

Over the past 5 years the Morton District has seen many changes from the student’s uniforms to the actual homecoming parade. Josh McMahon, Principal of Morton West commented on the history of the Homecoming parade. McMahon seemed very enthusiastic for parade to take place. Over the years, some modifications involving the parade have occurred. McMahon indicated that 5 years ago in 2012,  the parade date was changed, the parade use to be on Saturdays and it use to go down Cermak Road.

The parade would start Saturday morning and the Homecoming football game would take place later that afternoon, however, since 2012 the Homecoming parade was moved to Friday afternoon with the pep-rally following the parade. That same day the Homecoming football game would take place at night.

Every year students and staff members would attend the parade along with residents from the neighborhood. McMahon said that he has attended the parade “every year since I’ve been here” which he stated, “for 9 years…this is my 9th one.”

The reason the route was changed from Cermak Road to 26th Street is not known, Tim Brodeur, Assistant Principal of Morton West and one of the directors of the Homecoming parade, said, “I think it’s safest (route) because it goes on 26th Street because other wise going down Harlem would be kind of crazy”

The Homecoming parade has always been a tradition for the Morton District. The Homecoming parade consist of several floats, club members, local police and fire departments as well as the marching band and cheerleaders who all participate and who are involved in one massive parade. The Morton District has many sports teams  and clubs, 115 to be exact who participate. Planning a massive event like the Homecoming parade is time consuming and involves a significant amount of effort but when it all comes together IT’S A GREAT DAY TO BE A MUSTANG.

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