Having a Car as a High School Student

People wonder if having a car as a high school student is even worth it,  as having a car while in high school has both positive and negative advantages.

Traveling to and from school is a daily routine for every student.  When going to school some students may walk, bike, or even take the bus to school. Usually, though, most people prefer to use a car to get to school, optimality since having a car saves a lot of time. Senior Alan Robledo drives to Morton West High school said, “I think having a car in high school is beneficial for students because it teaches them a little independence and some responsibility and can help their family out in the long run.” Having the responsibility of owning a car can lead a person to mature and take on tasks that full-grown adults have to do as well, which will let a student have a glimpse of the real world after school. Senior Jesus Martinez also drives to school said,  “Students should buy a car especially if they live far because when it gets colder you won’t have to deal with the fact of getting to school late.” Having a car can be essential for those who are trying to get to and from school in an efficient way regardless of the circumstances.

Students can legally obtain their licenses while in high school. This means that students can start driving during high school, but do students really need cars to drive to school, or can they find another way? (thenewswheel.com)

Moreover, a lot of people in high school still do not have a car. Many people may question why more students do not get rides or walk to school every day since fewer vehicle emissions can be better for the environment. Robledo pointed out some reasons why riding with friends may not work. “Asking your friends for rides every day for school wouldn’t work out all the time. If your friend leaves school early or has to do something after school it would mess with both of your times then you have to pay them for gas. In addition, if you mess something up in their car, they’re going to be really mad at you.” Robledo said. Having your own car is simply more convenient for the average student and driving can be critical for students getting to and from school.

If someone does want to look for a car, many precautions need to be considered. Since most students would just be driving to school or a job, a student should look for a car to be at a reasonable price. Martinez said, “I think a car should be about $5,000 to $7,000, nothing too over the top since,  for a high school student you have to test yourself first to see if you are responsible enough to get something more expensive.” A car with a reasonable price tag should be the main priority for a student looking to buy a car since students are just trying to get from point A to point B. In addition, while looking to purchase a car Robledo said, “I think if they have a chance they should get a new car instead of a used one, but if you can’t get a new car, a used car would be fine as long as you look over the car before you buy it.” Ever since the pandemic, used and new car prices have skyrocketed even though the prices have begun evening out more and more. Spending a little more on a new car can be worth the extra money, in the long run.

Finally, even though most students have strongly agreed that the positives of having a car outweigh the negatives, Martinez said, “I think having a car as a high school student is beneficial, but it all depends on the student who is driving it if they’re responsible and mature enough to drive.” Responsibility is key to having and maintaining a car, this itself presents a challenge since teenagers sometimes make bad decisions. Having a car is a big deal, and many high school students are not capable of handling such an important task.

Having a car during high school can be very beneficial to most students due to the practicality of easily being able to drive where you need to go,  at any time. Some students may abuse the power of being more independent and can make bad decisions by driving poorly and not maintaining their cars properly.