Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

Julian Hernandez, Staff Writer

Pizza, one of the most desired dishes that many love to see on their plate. From the varieties of toppings to the type of crust, this dish satisfies almost all palettes. The Sterling recently polled a handful of students to hear their opinions on pizza. Questions ranging from their favorite toppings to the most valued pizza parlor got some serious pizza debate buzzing.

First, what’s the best pizza place when you’re on a budget?

These results had a wide range of answers varying from small businesses to highly favored chain parlors. At the the top of the list, the most common answer was Little Caesar’s, earning more than 30% of the votes. Salerno’s followed right behind as the second choice. A family favorite, Little Caesars, voted as the best valued surprised one particular pizza lover.

Morton West senior Julian Mata was surprised at the verdict. “You rarely see people mention Little Caesar’s for a pizza place to go to. The only time when it’s chosen is like a last option or for a party, in my opinion,” said Mata.

Senior Nereida Silva disagreed with the nomination.

“I genuinely think Little Caesar’s is overrated. The taste is not really there, and I feel that they soaked their pizzas in sauce,” Silva said.

One of the most debated questions in the Chicagoland area, Deep Dish or Thin Crust pizza?

Deep dish pizza has been one of the few food staples of the Chicagoland community for decades. While many of these restaurants that were listed as “most valued” are known for their New York style thin crust pizza, many Chicagoans love their deep dish pizza.

One of the main results of the poll provided The Sterling with a contrary to Chicagoland belief, 66.7% of the votes preferred New York style thin crust pizza over deep dish.

Is it the sauce or is it the crust? Just like Chicago weather, we may never know.

The last question on the poll asked of favorite toppings. Do the majority prefer the basic pepperoni, sausage and cheese? Or do they prefer the out of the ordinary toppings, such as olives, mushrooms, and onions?

The favorite toppings listed were pepperoni, sausage, cheese, giardiniera, and bacon following in that respective order. While some did respond to the poll with answers such as olives, mushrooms, and pineapple, there is one common consensus that Chicagoans love their giardiniera.

The Sterling asked and the people of Chicago responded, they love their pizza!