A JYNNEOS Made a Vaccine


A man getting the first dose of monkeypox

Valeria Rodriguez-Pineda, Writer

Five months after the Monkeypox outbreak, there’s a new vaccine called “JYNNEOS Vaccine,” that is approved to help, not only Monkeypox but also smallpox cases as well. Many people have considered taking this new vaccine, whether it’s effective or not, to help prevent the spread in their community. The  Monkeypox vaccine program was launched in New Your City and 50,000 Monkeypox vaccine appointments have been made since September 16, 2022, according to CBS news.

There have been 1,358 cases of Monkeypox going around Illinois ever since October 3rd according to the CDC. Not the worst, yet not the best State in the U.S. Jeremy Keske, a nurse at Morton West High School, states that “skin-to-skin contact is the main way” to transmit this disease. “Hand hygiene is really important, pretty much with any type of sickness, virus, bacteria infection – you know, you always just want to make sure your hands are clean,” Keske relies on the importance of hygiene, most importantly for “pregnant women, women that are breastfeeding, people that have a preexisting condition such as diabetes, heart conditions,” who are at an even bigger risk for contacting Monkeypox. “They can be infectious, almost through the whole thing,” Keske speaks about the human body,  “So we have to be very careful. Some people start with a rash, some people start with flu-like symptoms, either can come first.” Although the most popular symptom is the rash, the flu and Monkeypox could be confused with similar symptoms of a cold with a fever.

Unfortunately, Monkeypox isn’t only a danger to everyone, it’s specifically a danger to men who have male-to-male intimate contact. There are 99% of men who have contracted Monkeypox from the 7,500 cases shown in the United States.”Current findings indicate that community transmission of Monkeypox is widespread and is disproportionately affecting gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men; this is consistent with data reported from other countries,” according to an article written by Stephanie Soucheray, a news reporter for CIDRAP News. People in the community worry that, without the vaccine, there’s a possibility of transmitting Monkeypox to younger kids.

Monkeypox may be on its way to a school near you | The Hill
Little girl with Monkeypox virus

Glendy Pineda, a Pre-K teacher in Cicero, claims about how the safety of children is important. “Kids are always wearing a mask, they only take it off when it’s time to eat or for nap time. We wash our hands before the day, during the day, multiple times, parents are not allowed in the classrooms, we do not share food or clothes, and everything must be disinfected.” Taking care of children in the community is more important now, even after the COVID-19 pandemic. Monkeypox may not infect children much in classrooms, but teachers cannot protect the students outside so the teachers try to create a hygienic environment and do as much as possible when the students are in their classrooms.

Jynneos, a vaccine that is safe for all people 18 years and older regardless of health status, is given as a 2-dose schedule (4 weeks apart) for people at risk for the Monkeypox infection. Whether it’s effective or not, JYNNEOS gives you a less percentage chance to contract Monkeypox. Many people don’t have the same, strong, immune system as others, and some people are weaker which is what the point of the JYNNEOS vaccine is – to help anyone in need to prevent Monkeypox.