JSM Houby Bowl 2022 Tournament


Matthew Piechalak

Morton Powderpuff is ready to rumble in 2022.

Rachel Lopez, Writer

So what’s the BEST tradition of J. Sterling Morton Homecoming week?

The answer is up for debate, but one thing is for sure:  there’s plenty to consider.

During Homecoming week here at Morton, there are a series of activities that happen throughout the week such as dodgeball, spirit week, an official flag football game, Houby bowl, Club Olympics, Pep Rally during 6th period, and the Friday Homecoming football game against Addison Trail, leading up to the Homecoming dance on Sept. 10.

Houby bowl – originally called Powderpuff – is a flag football tournament between Morton West and East, freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors that leads up to a final game being played to win the championship:  and of course, ultimate bragging rights.

The tournament takes place at the Morton West high school football field on Wednesday, Sept. 7 at 6:30 pm. The football field is split in half so that two games can go on continuously, according to the school. The games played are all 8 vs.8 girls on offense and defense. Whoever wins their match goes on to play the other victorious team, and the class team who lost is out. This goes on until there are only two teams left standing, and that is where the final showdown begins.

The West Seniors celebrate their victory on the field at the conclusion of the 2016 Houby Bowl powderpuff tournament. (Krystal Millan) (Krystal Millan)

Last year was the first year back for many since the Covid pandemic hit, and students have been waiting.

”My powderpuff experience was a memorable one because of all the new people I met, after losing a year to online learning because of Covid, I had lost touch with so many people and peers, so joining powderpuff helped me reconnect with and meet new people who I am close with till this day,” said Diya Patel, a Senior. “Even though I’m not the best, the experience was definitely fun because of the bonds made within the team.”

Last year homecoming festivities took place although without a dance and other activities. Powderpuff was one of the homecoming activities allowed last year, which provided a way for girls to show some school spirit and represent their class while having fun being part of a team.

Julian Ramirez, one of the Senior class coaches, said he hopes the energy jumps up now that a full slate of Homecoming activities is taking place.