The return of Homecoming, how is it affecting Morton?


Yarely D. Aguilar, Staff Writer

Ever since the return of homecoming after the fall of 2019, students have been more excited than ever. Especially our Upperclassmen who have not had a full normal year experience and now they get to have it before they are off to college. With this excitement, we also have students affected by the spirit of homecoming. As everyone remembers, for some event requirements, Morton students must have specific grades and attendances in order to attend these events. So how has these affected students?

With the goal to obtain an answer, I have interviewed a student from our Morton East campus, one of our great deans at Morton West, and another student representative from our Morton West campus. So how do students feel about homecoming?

“I feel very excited, you know, haven’t had any homecoming since freshmen year…” said Adrian Alcantar, a senior from our Morton East campus.

“Kids seem excited about it, and I know a lot of kids are talking about the dance and the game and all the activities.” Added Dean Heap, from Morton West.

While students do seem very excited, we must also remember that to enter certain events, you must have certain attendance requirements and grades. How are our Morton students responding to this? Are they really taking it serious?

“I think at least some kids are making sure they’re on top of things so that they don’t miss out on opportunities,” states Dean Heap, when asked about the motivation seen in students. However, our students have a different opinion “Honestly, I don’t think it really makes a difference…” said Manuel Soto, our Morton West class of 2024 representative.

While the underclass men have more time to enjoy these events, there is always the battle between Upperclassmen and Underclassmen on the decision on whether they should be accepted or not. “I feel like it’s good… let them experience what the high school experience is about…” said Soto; “It’s a good experience to have a high school experience not just upperclassmen.” added Alcantar.

Within the two interviews that I achieved, I can tell that a lot of Morton students are getting into the homecoming spirit starting with the spirit week. I think it’s very important to attend to these events, because not only are you getting a remarkable experience, it also helps us get back things to how they used to be before COVID-19 stroke in our community. “Hopefully a lot of school pride and a lot of excitement and a lot of fun” is what is expected in the words of Dean Heap.