Morton on The Street

Isis Gillespie, Staff Writer

The end of the year is right around the corner, and for Seniors, the end of high school is almost here! Emotions at Morton West High School are all over the place. The Sterling made the rounds here at the West campus and interviewed five students to ask them what they look forward to after high school. Their takes are listed below.


Kelly is a Junior who is already planning for her future already. “Once I graduate I plan on taking over my father’s remodeling business and expanding it.”
She also goes on to talk about how she is ready to be independent and get things of her own, starting with an apartment.


Ali is a Senior and he mentioned how he is ready to go to college. “I look forward to going to college, it’s going to be a different environment than what I am used to.” In terms, of life plans, he had another idea, as well:  “I look forward to starting a family WAAAYYYY on down then line but that is something I also look forward to,” he added.



Trinity is a Senior ready to enjoy life. Trinity talked to me about how she is ready to party, meet new people, go to college, going outside to enjoy the sun and fresh air. “After High School I can’t wait to experience the adult life, being responsible for myself, making my life what I want it to be.”


Alejandro is a senior who looks forward to the changes of life and the new experience. He is ready to just see what life has to offer and to see where it takes him.





Tyler is a Sophomore who is very passionate about sports. I asked him the question and he said, ” I am looking forward to going away for college.” So I asked him if he knew what he wanted to do, or major in, or even where he wanted to go and he responded, “I know for a fact I want to play college sports whether its football or basketball. I know that I want to go to school in the south, I’m thinking maybe LSU.”

As you can see everyone has different things that they look forward to doing after high school and this is only 5 out of the thousands of students. No one really knows what the future will be like but everyone has their hopes.