Student Spotlight on Anthony Tomececk

Anthony Tomececk is a very intelligent and talented senior. He is very studious and has a set goal for the future, such as going to Illinois Institute Tech with a great scholarship and planning to major in Computer Engineering. Today we asked Anthony about his goals and plans for not only college but also his future reer.


Anthony Tomececk

Q: What college are you going to?

A: Illinois Institute Tech. they offered a really great scholarship for me and the school is great for the major I am going for.

Q: Are you excited for college?

A:  Yes! I literally cannot wait to get out of high school and start pursuing a career.

Q: Do you plan on living on campus?

A: No, I don’t really want to pay extra for it and I could easily just get over there by train.

Q: Why do you want to go into computer engineering?

A: I’ve always been around computers almost my whole life and I kind of just have more knowledge over this than other things.

Q: What’s your plan for the future?

A: As of right now, I’m really more focused on becoming a computer engineer first and worrying about all of that later.

Q: How is school going?

A: Really good, actually. I have pretty high grades and received my fourth Summa Cum Laude recognition. I am hoping to end high school in a strong way.

Q: What’s your biggest accomplishment?

A: Probably getting Summa Cum Laude four years in a row.

Q: Where do you seen yourself in twenty years?

A: Honestly, I do not expect much. I just really would like to have a good paying job that allows me to live comfortably and without any worries.

Q: How long have you been interested in this major?

A: Since freshman year. I just sort of realized that computers have always called to me and I wanted to make a career out of it.

Q: Have you taken engineering class?

A: Actually I haven’t, but I am taking a computer science class and it’s going great.  It’s one of my favorite classes.

Q:  What do you think is the best thing about your major?

A: Not only is there a high demand, but the pay is really good. Plus, it’s a bonus having computers to be working with, which if I haven’t emphasized enough, I really love computers.

Q; How did you get interested in computer engineering?

A:  My sister was definitely a huge help in helping me decide. She gave me all these careers with computers and computer engineering and it just caught my attention.