Spotlight on Emily Campos

Emily Campos is a senior at Morton East High School. You can catch her dancing on the sidelines of the beginning of the football and basketball games. You can also catch her performing during halftime.


Emily Campos.

1) How long have you been in poms ?

All my years of high school.

2) Do you think you’re going to do college poms or cheer if they have it?

They have it but I don’t think I will join. I might join a studio.

3) About how many hours a week do you practice?

15 ½ hours a week.

4) Are the coaches hard on your team?

Yes, coaches are very hard on us, especially since we’re varsity and we have to step it up for the girls on JV that look up to us.

5) Have you ever sprained or broken a bone because of poms?

I’ve sprained my ankle.

6) Have you ever wanted to quit?

Yes, I have.

7) Which performance was your favorite?

My favorite performance was Homecoming sophomore year.

8) Would you change anything about the uniform? If so what?

I would change our basketball uniforms because we’ve had it for so long and it could be a bit nicer like our football uniforms.

The Poms girls are a very tight-knit team.

9) Do all of your teammates get along?

Yes, all of my teammates get along.

10) Do a lot of guys try out for poms?

A couple guys try out and have been in poms through the years.

11) Does Poms have a captain/ leader? If so, what do they do?

We have captains who make up our routines. They are in charge of purchasing things like shirts or socks that we wear and we pay them back.

12) How long does it take for all the girls to get a routine down?

About 2-3 days.

13) What motivates you?

I stay motivated because I know my team relies on me to be at my best at all times.

14) Does poms affect your school work?

Poms affects me having to have better time management, but no, it does not affect my school work.

15) Do you need to maintain good grades to stay on the team?

Yes, my grades are sent every Thursday to my coach. If we are failing we are taken out of performances.