My Photography Journey

After taking photography classes for three years, I am still struggling with my style, but I’m constantly evolving.


Photo taken for a project examining textures.

Jessica Alfaro

Detail of a Chicago building.

For my portfolio I am experimenting. I wanted to first do something with  lines, patterns and stuff like that, using a simplicity of details like some physical oxymoron. I want to do some fashion or punk type of thing like something that would have to do with bands or people. Sadly, I have been having art block and I’ve been losing interest in going to school for fine arts.  I mean, I like it. It’s fun.  I just want to do my own thing. I don’t want to focus on one thing. I want something with  people or patterns or something simple. I’m still trying new things.  I just have a mix because some think that everything has to be deep, when sometimes it doesn’t need to be. I want to do my own thing.

I might just do mixed media. I just want to say that basically I will do things with patterns and people

Detail of a crocheted piece.

within those patterns. People’s emotions and expressions, especially anger or sadness, really gives a work some depth. I find certain patterns very intriguing, and that’s why my college portfolio will include a lot of my repeated pattern work. Featured are three examples of my photography work with a focus on unique patterns.