Improv Club Brings Funny to You

Arthur Gonzalez, Reporter

Morton West’s Improv Club takes the “shy” out of students and transforms them into being more outgoing. As Improv Club is one of the many clubs at Morton West High School,  this club helps students begin to explore their passion as an actor.

Current sponsor and English teacher at the Morton West, Mr. Christian Hewelt, is really determined to help students get into acting, and one day they may become great actors themselves. It does take a while for students to get used to being out on stage or acting in general, but students are given time to prepare themselves for upcoming events in Improv Club. Last semester, Friday December 6th was the date for the performance and during the week before the performance club members had their very own Improv show. Students prepared themselves Monday through Thursday with rehearsals, and the way students rehearsed was by acting in front of each other and judging

Mr. Christian Hewelt the Improv Club and sponsor.

and scoring each act and commenting on how well they did. Mr. Hewelt said the club members have grown more confident,” The members of Improv Club enjoy being here, and are always participating in club activities and having fun”. Students love participating in Improv Club and they all say that it’s really fun acting with many other people.  Hewelt stated that “students here in Improv Club are always smiling, laughing and having fun with each other and are always participating a lot during rehearsals and meetings,  preparing themselves for the next Improv Show”.

The students enjoy being a part of Improv Club, Michael Guzman’20 stated,    “Of course I enjoy being in Improv Club because it opened so many branches of interests that impacted me into being a better actor”. Orlando Godinez’ 20 also stated, “I love being in Improv Club because it helps me focus and prepare on being a better actor”. Improv Club is not just about acting and pretending it’s about preparing students that have interests in acting and prepares them for a possible chance to start acting in future school plays.  Hewelt added,”Improv Club prepares students for any upcoming improv shows and any acting career they choose to take in the future”.  Students may sometimes struggle with the content, but they push through and keep trying to do their best.

Room A208  is the room where the Improv Club students meet up to rehearse for their improv shows.


Kenneth Barlow’ 20 stated “It’s very entertaining to see these group of students change different roles like that during the show”. Manuel Espinoza’ 20 stated,”The Improv Club really caught my attention, at the Improv Show to really see them try their best at acting”. The Improv Show can catch a student’s eye and really entertain them. The Spring 2020 improv is scheduled for the end of April, keep an eye out the Show’s flier.