Robert Moriarty, Artist for Life

Mr. Moriarty is a drawing, painting, and video teacher at Morton West.


Design Teacher Mr. Moriarty

Camille Brandon, Journalist

Who is your favorite artist?

“People who are alive. The ones that are not celebrated, mostly teaching artists. Olivia Goude, my mentor, Ron English, street artist, too many to name. The artist that do free art .. public art. I just got done painting a mural on a fence and a homeless man came up to me and said: “I love when artists do this because I cannot go to the museum”. Art is to be appreciated.”

What is your favorite type of art?

“ The one that puts me in the zone at the moment.”

At what age did you feel you became an artist?

“ I’ll probably get there in 10 years so I don’t know when, but I know that I am.”

What is your favorite medium?

“ Paint. Acrylic paint.”

How well do you think you are at art?

“I’m good. I’m not the best but I did some pretty amazing things. I can’t measure “ good”

Are you good at anything else but art.?

“I’m good at parenting. I’m good at cooking, some video games and staying in culture”

What are most of your art pieces about?

 “Most of my art is about dreaming, things people aspire to be”

Does your art reflect the way you feel?

“ All output reflects the creator both small c and big c”

What’s the longest you’ve ever worked on a project for?

“46 years.  All of my life!”

What is your biggest inspiration?

“Love.Mom .breathing and the universe (because we are here)”

What’s the longest you’ve gone without drawing?

“About six months. The cycle continues, it breaks and comes back”

What is your best piece?

“ My last mural ‘There comes a time’ ( 1885 quarry worker strike). It’s my favorite because I did it. I completed it. It’s huge and is seen by a lot of people.”