“The Art of Secrets” Author Shares his Experiences

James Klise visits West’s library on March 24th to discuss his book writing process.


“The Art of Secrets” is one of two books that Klise discussed with students. “Love Drugged” was the other.

Kai Arroyo

James Klise, author of Love Drugged and The Art of Secrets, visited our Morton West library and spoke to a combination of Fine Arts and English classesspoke to a combination of Fine Arts and English classes about his writing process and inspiration.  The Sterling was on-hand to experience what this unique author had to say.

Students received signed copies of Klise’s book.

James Klise based his book Love Drugged on his own life and personal experience.  The book is about a 15-year-old boy who is gay, but who is not too enthusiastic about “coming out” yet.  Because of pressure to keep his secret, he starts dating a female classmate.  He starts taking a drug that supposedly “cures” gay men, but needs to steal it to get more.  As Klise was discussing this book, he stated, “It is important to have a unique main character.”

Additionally, he noted that in a book there needs to be obstacles so that the story isn’t too boring, that it should take time for the reader to find out what your story is about.  He noted that “creativity is key.”

Klise explains his writing process.

After his presentation, several students asked Klise some compelling questions about being an author.

Where would you look to find a publisher?

Klise:  Do your research!  You can self-publish or find a publisher of teen books.

Did you ever get frustrated as you write?

Klise:  I lose hope and I think that I’m not smart enough to figure out a creative plot, but I keep trying until I do.

Students enjoyed listening to an author whose experiences may have mirrored their own.  Mr. Klise’s visit was funded through Title 1.