10 Book Challenge

The 10 Book Challenge’s first year is a total success at Morton West High School.

The 10 Book Challenge is a challenge who’s idea came from the Freshmen Center,   and Librarian Sonia Ocasio-Bowman developed this idea for Morton West to get students to read books to receive a prize. Sonia Ocasio-Bowman and Library assistant Priscilla Berry are in charge in this challenge indicated  “We have a total of 75 participants”. The challenge calls for students to read 10 books from a 52 title list given to them. They are to then submit a reflection form for each completed book. Students registered in the Morton West Library by Friday, February 16, as the challenge ends Monday, April 30, 2018. Students who participated, and turned in their reflection form will receive small prizes as they turn their entries in. In addition, students will also receive a pizza party that will take place on May 3, 2018.

Morton West 10 Book Challenge

Selena Martinez is a current junior at Morton West High School who joined the challenge,  because she likes to read books. Martinez has received a total of four small prizes such as candy. Martinez said “The most that I like about this challenge is that we could participate regardless of our grades or GPA.”

Regardless of the students grades and GPA, they are still eligible to join the challenge. Martinez has friends participating in the challenge as well. Martinez said “Yes, two of my closest friends joined along with me. Which makes it much more fun.”
The 10 Book Challenge has a lot of students participating in the challenge of reading good books.