Snapchat’s New Update

Jocelyn Cambron, Reporter

On February 22, 2018 Snapchat introduced the new version of the app to most of its teen’s users, which left users confused and frustrated. The company has made several dramatic changes and as of now it has not gone well with users and the app is now being bombarded with negative reviews.

One of the biggest criticisms, involves the redesign of the stories page, which you were once able to access by swiping left on the main camera screen. You now have to swipe right on the camera screen to view your friends’ stories, which are now mixed in with regular messages. Now on the opposite side of  the camera screen, where stories used to be, is the new “Discover” page, which shows stories from publishers and creators. The user reviews for the Snapchat update on Apple’s App Store are very poor, giving the update either one or two stars out of five.

When Morton West students were interviewed, not one of them agreed to enjoying Snapchat’s new features. “I don’t like having to view my stories where I would usually answer back to my chats.” said frequent user Kassandra Garcia 18’. For many of the students at Morton West as well, don’t like the resign of the new stories page.

Fans of the app have become accustomed to Snapchat’s original routine. “…Everything is all over and difficult to use compared to before it (the app) was updated. I liked the app because it was so easy and free flowing, but now it’s just the opposite” Carolina Espinoza says. In general, people oppose this update more than faun over it. Whether it be from the new stories page or its different aspects, users do not approve.