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Family Favorites

With amazing memories and fun traditions, family is great!

October 30, 2017

Does your family have any interesting traditions?  The Sterling decided to go around and ask the students about their family members and the way they got along.

The definition of family is a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. According to 47% of families only have one child. Most of the families the Sterling interviewed are not part of that 47%. As a matter of fact, the largest family to exist is the Chana family, they are from Baktwang India where the father has 94 children by 39 different wives.

One student who absolutely loves having family is Montserrat Miranda ’18. When we asked if she enjoys seeing family she immediately answered, “We have a tight relationship and we all trust each other!” Also, when asked how much she loves her family she said that she love them so much because, “they are so true and they are always there for [her].” Rosendo Arreguin (student counselor) also loves his family; he especially admires his dad. Arreguin says, “He did not pursue the academic ways, but he grew up really fast and he made everything worth it!” The Sterling was also thrilled to hear the traditions held in different families. Gabriela Meza ‘18 is always the host.  His house is “big enough for all of us” and she has 5 siblings which makes her family “loud, hectic, and funny.”

Karen Rico ’18 has a great sense of humor, and when she was asked who is the funniest in your family, she commented, “myself, and coming in a close second my little brother Angel.” On the other hand when The Sterling asked Galilea Mendez’18 she agreed that she was the most serious. She said, “I am not loud like they are; I am rather calm and quiet.” But say they both have great memories. Mendez ’18 loves to remember her Kiddie Land experiences.  Additionally, Arreguin would love to go on more vacations because his children are “young and I want them to enjoy it now”.

Overall, family has so many different aspects such as unity, trust, and/or laughter or even seriousness.  It may be hectic, but in the end it is always filled with love.

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