Snapchat Vs. Instagram

Jocelyn Cambron, Reporter

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Snapchat and Instagram are two apps that serve very similar purposes. They both share and distribute images and videos yet can be different in so many ways. Each app has their own strengths, weakness, and best uses.  Two Morton West students weighed in on what app they found more appealing and which app they rely on most.

About a year ago, Instagram was updated with a particular function that resembled Snapchat’s main feature, “Stories”. As the year unfolded, Instagram chased the Snapchat users by adding characteristics that Snapchat already had like  disappearing photo messages, filters, and drawing

A student on Instagram

tools. However, Instagram also has its own unique components,  allowing an individual’s post to stay up on their profile page until they choose to delete the post and Instagram provides an explore page that allows its users to view anyone else’s content.  Snapchat on the other hand, allows its users to have posting streaks noting the number of continuous daily posts have occurred, the ability to make audio and face calls, save the posted photos in memories, and add dates, outside temperatures and eve a bitmoji to their photos.

Because Snapchat and Instagram are different applications they do share similar features in many ways, it is a controversial topic as to which app is more preferred nowadays. When several Morton students were questioned, the decision was split Instagram on one side and the other half with Snapchat. When Kassandra Garcia ’18 preferred Instagram saying, “Instagram can keep me entertained for hours.  Watching people’s stories can get boring since most of them are irrelevant, but on Instagram you have a variety of things to see. You can see anything from anyone not just people you follow or have added, you have more options.” However, when Victor Velez, a Snapchat preferred user was asked about his opinion, he replied, “Everything that Instagram has, Snapchat has and even much more.” which was just the opposite response from Garcia.  Still each student would provided some negative feedback about their preferred app. Each app carries loyal followers who overlook the possible negative  features. It is up to each individual person to determine which platform best suites them.

A student on Snapchat  

Which app performs best for you, Snapchat or Instagram?


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