Engineering Students Have Hands-On Experience

Mr. Stoch's students visited Principal Manufacturing on October 6th to see company's wares

Adolfo Napoles, Journalist On-Location

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Engineering students and Mr. Stoch visited Principal Manufacturing Corporation in Broadview, IL where they learned that this company is the leading manufacturer for precision drawn metal stamping, not only to the automotive industry but as well as others.

While on this visit they learned more about what parts they make as well as their names. Students were able to connect and put together things that they already knew with what they are currently learning. They observed how these parts were made and the process that they have to go through in order to be sent to the industries. Each part must go through a variety of assemblies, every step being an important step.  Since this company is known for its sturdy metal parts, if a step is done wrong the piece won’t be ready.  Attendees also learned that the parts that this company manufactures are parts that are used in making other larger products; these small parts are needed in other to have other machines function properly.

Overall, students now further understand the significance engineering has in our day-to-day lives.

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