NBA Fantasy Values

The benefits of the NBA fantasy league goes well beyond the swishes of the net and the selection of players.

Alex Martinez, Editor

To Dunk, or not to dunk?

Really, there’s no question.


An electrifying play involving a powerful dunk that results in the roar of the crowd and the millions of eyes gazing at the TV  screen across the world. These are the type of stellar plays that capture the eyes of audiences from all types of backgrounds.

But there is more to the game of basketball that results in what most players consider their main objective within their job…. winning. The things that accumulate a victory other than electrifying dunks is the three point shot, rebounds, steals, triple-doubles, blocks, etc.  Winning is especially what all people in the fantasy world are striving for as well, so these very stats are what will bring them their want.

In the fantasy world, not just the top scorer is the most valued player, but the one who can do multiple things on a court very well as this past years reigning NBA’s Most Valuable player, Russell Westbrook.

NBA Fantasy not only gives value to those players who aren’t as well known as Lebron James or Kevin Durant, but as well as people who aren’t the best athletes or best basketball players but as well as the people who can’t have the chance to play the game they so love.

Courtesy of DraftKings

People with disabilities that prevent them from playing the game they love even get the chance to utilize their love for the game and be effective in the fantasy world such as fellow Morton West student, Jordan Colin.

“Playing Fantasy basketball gives me a lot of joy since I am unable to play basketball. I love the sport and being able to still be involved with the game is just as enthusiastic. I don’t need to make shots. I just need to know the game and players to be an impact or even come out on top.”

NBA fantasy players also could benefit financially as many player’s or leagues bet money that the winner of the league receives as a prize. Many Fantasy leagues such as Yahoo and ESPN even hold leagues that can result in a grand prize up to $10,000+.

With money incorporated, the atmosphere within the fantasy realm is much more competitive among the participants that benefits the fantasy leagues as well as the NBA very greatly.

With the competitive leagues and participants, players are devoting lots of their attention to the NBA in order to visually see who they should choose and how the players they chose are preforming. All during the time as the Fantasy leagues are being used. One fellow student from Morton West, Nick Esquivel explains perfectly.

“Once fantasy basketball starts, half of my time within a day is devoted to studying how my players on my fantasy team are preforming. I’m always on checking stats or highlights in order to make my chances of winning much more. It is always so much fun and I love playing against other competitors every year.”

The NBA fantasy leagues brings the crowd of NBA much more than the games, but joy and even some money depending on your dedication and league. It gives a chance to people to become more relevant in basketball beyond the court and in the outer bounds areas of the game.