Friday Night Lights Soccer Edition

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Morton West Friday Night lights soccer game, was vs Round Lake High school  September 28,2017, which resulted in a tie 1-1. Morton had a really tough game against Round Lake. Throughout the first half both Morton and Round Lake had control of the ball on both sides of the fields. In Minute 15:26 Droyvin Lara came in with an assist of Adrian Barrera and scored the first goal of the game, as fans and family cheered on the Varsity team, the team celebrated their goal. As the game was getting closer and closer to the end, in minute 13:26 Round Lake came in and tied the game. Both Morton and Round Lake tried their best to get the victory, but the game ended in a tie. After the game both teams weren’t satisfied with the score,but Morton was happy with how the team played. Barrera who assisted the only goal for Morton, talks about how the opponent played and gives them credit for what they did, “I think they played good. Hustled all the way until the last whistle, they  never gave up even after we took the lead, which is what helped them tie up”.  The Varsity team was not satisfied with the score, although they tried their  best, they still think they should have won. “I know we should’ve won, no doubt. we played better the game with our great skill set. We possessed the ball most of the game and had way more chances at scoring than they did”. Jaime Gaytan said. Most of the team believe that they tried their best to defeat the team Round Lake and take the win, but not everyone felt the same way, “I felt I played okay but i know I’m capable of playing better, I thought I could have been more offensively that’s probably the only thing I would have changed about my performance”.  Said Isaac Carnalla.  The more and more each player tried their best to beat the opponent enough wasn’t enough, “I think I played pretty good what i probably could’ve done to counter the team was attack a little more down the sideline. Knowing we’re at tied at our home field should’ve motivated me to attack more to create scoring chances but it didn’t click in my head at the moment” Said Gaytan. The Varsity team believes that the highlight of the game was when Morton scored “The highlight of the game would have been our goal because we brought the game back to life and got the momentum going again” said Carnalla. Overall the game was great brought fans, friends, and family together, they will keep practicing, to thrive and do better.


Michelle Verdin

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