Balta Got Next

Nathaniel Quinn, reporter

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Knowing how to manage time is the key to life and being successful because there isn’t time to sit back or to make excuses; there is only time to improve and succeed. Sports are a getaway from the real world, a way to change lives and prevent the harsh realities of life. Baltazar Duran, a senior and former soccer player at Morton East, has taken advantage of every opportunity that has come his way, which is why his name has came across many couches desks throughout the country.

Duran has been the face of the Morton’s soccer program for the past four years, being part of the West Suburban Gold All Conference team his sophomore and junior year, but this year he chose to hang up his Morton jersey to go play with the Chicago Fire Academy, an elite soccer program that has an extraordinary success through its years by helping soccer stars play at the next level. Although it was best for his career, Duran was saddened to leave the Morton program. “For me, honestly, it was hard to quit the team because Morton became a home and a place I can rely on when I needed help,” Duran continued, “However, I chose to quit the team because I believed the Chicago Fire Academy has a more professional environment.” After the loss of Duran, Morton lost one game, in the Pepsi Showdown semi-finals, and currently has an overall record of 13-1-2, with a conference record of 3-0.

Senior, Baltazar Duran, passing the ball during a mid-September home game.

Sports can change mindsets and take athletes to a whole other dimension of the world, creating a different outlook on life. Duran said, “Without soccer, how do you think your life would be different?” He replied, “Let’s just say many of the people that were suppose to be role models for me set a wrong example, and if it wasn’t for soccer I would have followed their steps.” Sports are people’s lives and passion; it makes their life worth living, which is why they pour so much emotion and hard work into sports. Duran is known for his love for the game, which explains why he is so successful. “I won Sueño MLS in 2015. This is a program where kids from Orlando, Los Angeles and Chicago play and from those three cities, only 18 players got chosen to play with the Chivas USA and LA Galaxy,” Duran continued, “…from there, three players were picked and were taken to Miami to announce the winner and I won.” The Sueño MLS – Presented by Allstate Insurance Company, is a yearly nationally televised search for the best young soccer player in the country.

Duran dreams to play collegiate and professional soccer one day, living a life of success with no worries. As of now, Duran is on the right path by playing with the Chicago Fire Academy as said, “I think the Chicago Fire Academy will help me achieve my dreams because they are really demanding towards your future of going to college, as well as your dreams of becoming a professional soccer player.” Don’t be too surprised when you hear this man’s name on ESPN in a couple of years.





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