Morton West 2017 Hollywood Homecoming Court

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Morton West’s 2017’s  Homecoming theme was HOLLYWOOD! The homecoming court finalists were, for the Freshmen court, Princesses Renata Trejo, Vanessa Arlowski, and Alyna Alvarez and for Princes we had Jorge Cruz, Cristian Bonilla, and Jesse Flores. For the Sophomore court we had Princesses Kayla Green, Jennifer Ahumada, and Maria Rodriguez and for Prince we had Erin Jones. For the Junior court we had Princesses Vanessa Legorreta, Lily Anaya, and Vianey Moreno and for Prince we had Curtis Brown. For the Senior court we had Queens Jada Paul-Emile, Galilea Mendez, and Jailene Marquez and for Kings we had Rowan Ewangan, Jayson Hallberg, and Alexis I Enriquez.

On September 21st the winning Princesses and Princes where announced over the intercom during 6th period, Freshmen winners were Princess Alyna Alvarez and Prince Jorge Cruz. The Sophomore Princess was Jennifer Ahumada and the Prince was Erin Jones. The Junior Princess was Lily Anya and the Prince was Curtis Brown. Later that day, at the pep-rally, the King and Queen where announced with the grand titles going to Queen Galilea Mendez and King Rowan Ewangan.

Freshmen Princess Alyna Alvarez and Prince Jorge Cruz were proud of this honor. Alvarez said her dad encouraged her to run, and although she had doubts Alvarez still ran, “the experience is good I had a lot of adrenaline, it was fun.” When asked if she learned anything about herself from this experience, Alvarez said, “I learned to stop doubting myself.” Jorge Cruz said his friends were the ones who encouraged him to run, “I was nervous because I knew I was going up against pretty popular people.”  When asked if he planned on running for court next year Cruz said, “Yes I want to run all 4 years and for prom king.”

Also feeling proud of this Homecoming court honor were Sophomore Princess Jennifer Ahumada and Prince Erin Jones. Ahumada said, “I wanted to run because I thought I was going to be a different type of candidate rather than the usual popular ones.” Ahumada was also encouraged by her friends to run feeling nervous during this election she responded, “I was so nervous I felt that I had no chance of winning. I didn’t even think I was going to make it past the first round… but in the end it was really fun.” Jones said he wanted to run to get himself more out there, “I felt kind of nervous but there really wasn’t any competition.” Jones was the only sophomore  that ran for Sophomore Prince and during the election he replied, “Get out your comfort zone, at first I was nervous about it but now I realized it’s actually fun”.

Joining in on the Homecoming excitement were Junior Princess Lily Anya and Junior Prince Curtis Brown. Anya said, “I just wanted to get my name out there and see if I had a chance because I join clubs mainly to be a part of the community so if I got my name out there my voice would be heard a little more.” Anya does not plan on running again after this year. Anya said she learned about herself, “I always thought I was an introvert but this election made me feel I was more of an extrovert because I wasn’t scared to communicate or talk to people to let them know I was running.” Brown said he wanted to run this year mainly because he didn’t get to win last year. “I felt like I had a pretty good chance because I wasn’t running against anybody else.” Just like Jones, Brown was the only one in his grade that ran for Homecoming Prince. “Yes I’m running for homecoming and Prom King next year.”, Brown added.

Capitalizing on the Homecoming excitement were Senior Princess Galilea Mendez and King Rowan Ewangan. Mendez said running for court was based off a joke from last year. “Last year it was kind of a joke with my friends last year on Social Media they would say ‘Gali for homecoming Princess’… people would come up to me and say ‘I didn’t see your name on the ballot’ so I had this feel that if I really have this support maybe I should run next year.” Gali described the pressure of running for court, “I felt stressed at the beginning when I was announcing that I was going to run because I didn’t know how people take it but I feel like this year was a lot less stressful especially because Morton didn’t allow us to pass out anything and most of the drama comes from people passing out cupcakes and cookies so when that stress was eliminated I felt a lot better.”

Congratulations to all of our 2017 Morton West Hollywood Homecoming Court Winners!

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