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Have you ever thought about what someone likes to eat and how often they can eat it?

Allie Kassl, Writer

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“You like what!?” A question that’s basic, yet interesting. Many people have favorite foods such as pizza, tacos, and hamburgers, but have you ever had someone answer with a different favorite food? The Sterling wanted to take a deeper look into the kinds of favorite foods the students of Morton had.

Gabby Hoffmann’18

Have you ever had the classic spaghetti and meatballs at your favorite Italian Restaurant? Well did you know the dish is not considered an Italian Cuisine in Italy ( However, according to the, pasta is the most popular food throughout the entire world. In order to get the best tomato sauce for your pasta the best time of the year for tomatoes is July through October ( But for all those health people out there veganism might be your diet, many people don’t know how many famous people are vegan such as Emily Jans who is a famous kickboxer who lives the vegan life ( All of these facts were intriguing, so we went to take a look into into the school’s favorite foods.

The Sterling caught up with Gabrielle Hoffmann’18 who stated “I absolutely love Mac n’ Cheese! Because the cheese is rich and flavorful it mixes perfectly with the el dente pasta.” Hoffmann enjoys a nice big bowl of steamy Mac n’ Cheese on cold winter days. But she isn’t the only one who has a favorite food that is enjoyed in the winter. David Heredia’22 craves beef fried rice, especially during the dead of winter. “My family could be sitting around the dinner table for Christmas eating ham or turkey, then there’s me eating beef fried rice with noodles or extra soy sauce. That’s how much I love it!). But with favorite foods also comes the most hated foods.

Adrian Martinez’18

Sushi from Ikeburkuro Sushi

We met up with Adrian Martinez’18 who clearly stated “If you like pineapple on pizza, you’re a cluck.” It’s pretty clear that he hates pineapple on pizza, which leaves the question:  What kind of pizza does he like? Martinez explained, “You can’t go wrong with a sausage and pepperoni deep dish pizza with powdered cheese sprinkled on top along with a classic Pepsi to wash it down with.” Maybe pineapple pizza isn’t for everyone, but who is to judge? The Sterling found Gisselle Gamino’21 who also has her share of hated foods, but one food you’ll never find her eating is sushi. We sought out to find out why she despised this food so much, and she stated “I get a gross feeling in my stomach just thinking about eating a raw dead animal. How could you eat something that’s raw? It’s like ripping your skin off and eating it! Totally gross!”

So whether you absolutely love one type of food and can eat it whenever, people also have their share of not so liked foods. The Sterling has concluded not many students like the same things. The question is “What is your favorite food?”

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