Heroes Unite to Battle a God

DC hopes for a hit with “Justice League.”

Adrian Delgado, Staff Writer

A movie that has a team of individuals with extraordinary abilities to defeat a god? Admit it – you’re already buying in.

DC Entertainment and Dune Entertainment’s Justice League – DC comic company’s answer to Marvel’s Avengers – will hit movie theaters this November with a familiar cast of heroes, as well as some fresh faces. Right now, however, the speculation circles on how Justice League will compare to the quality of the Avengers line of films.

The cast and director are definitely under a great amount of pressure to make this movie as close to the comics as possible. With the budget being $220 million (according to IMDB), this movie is expected to have great quality, special effects, and CGI. Zack Snyder worked around the clock on the movie, but due to a family tragedy (per CinemaBlend), he stepped down as the director and the job was given to Joss Whedon, of Avengers and Toy Story fame.  The trailer – released this summer and seen here – gave audiences a little taste of what this movie has to offer and so far it seems to be doing well with minor critiques.

The plot of the film picks up with some of the events which transpired after the conclusion of Batman vs. Superman, and the trailer reveals little hints as to how the Justice League team is united. There is a lot of detail in the trailer given us the first look of the tall and godlike villain and how he will appear in the movie. Many of the characters play important roles on how they are going to make the movie feel for the viewers. The Flash (Ezra Miller) will give comic relief, while Wonder Woman(Gal Gadot) and Aquaman (Jason Mamoa) give an inspirational warrior spirit feel. Batman(Ben Affleck) will give a strong role of leadership while Cyborg (Ray Fisher) will be a mysterious character that is almost as perfect as a machine.

Fan of the DCEU  and Morton alumnus Tyshawn Ramsey (’17) shared some thoughts on the movie: “I feel like that their will be a lot of references towards old DCEU movies. Honestly I feel that the bad guy will bring a lot of challenges towards the characters and will introduce us towards more of the universe characters. Honestly, the costumes for the heroes are accurate, especially so far wonder woman, because of her costume design is most accurate to the comics.”

According to Forbes movie critic Scott Mendelson, a key to the upcoming movie’s success will be the relatively light, positive tone crafted in the film. Mendelson states, “It’s clearly lighter, jokier, and less grim than Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Perhaps more importantly, much of that humor comes from just having its would-be Super Friends just talk to each other in actual conversations, something that was comparatively missing in both of Zack Snyder’s prior DC Films offerings.”

While judgement is reserved until after the film hits theatres, DC is hoping Justice League can give something important to those fans who witnessed the disappointment of Dawn of Justice:  hope.