Counselor Appreciation Week

Ashley Montenegro

Morton West High School shows appreciation for the counselors who do many things to help and support the students. The counselors are always available for the students to help the students pick out classes for next year, and they help seniors with college applications and FASFA. Counselors also provide a great source of emotional support,  they have their offices open when students need someone to talk to about anything going on.  Mr. Mike McGreevy, Assistants Principal for Student Support Services at Morton West said, “The building Administration Team so Principal and Assistant Principals” hosted a National School Guidance Counselor Appreciation Week during February 6-10.

Starting with Tuesday, Tuesday was “Trivia Tuesday” where students would fill out the answers to some questions about the counselors for a raffle prize.  McGreevy says, “Lunch from anywhere of your choice with your counselor will be delivered, second pizza party for student’s favorite teacher and class, and third a Morton swag bag.” full of Morton spirit wear.

These are the 12 counselors of Morton West Highschool
First row: Maria Chamello, Kelsey Taylor, Bianca Cahue, Stephen Swan
Second row: Nicole Ursetta, Elizabeth Hettinger, Matthew Etchingham, Kovas Norvilas, Scott Gourley
Third Row: Rosendo Arreguin, Giovannie Ortiz, Kimberly Arthur, Wendy Romito

Wednesday was “Warm Wednesday” where students will take 2-3 minutes of their day to thank their counselor for all the hard work and effort they provide for them. Kimberly Montenegro, a sophomore at Morton West says, “I sat at the cafeteria with heart-shaped papers and sharpies for students to fill out and write a thank you for the counselors.” These hearts will be put out around the counseling suite to make the counselors’ day every time they read a message.

Thursday was “Taco Thursday” where a taco bar was provided for the counselors in the counselor’s classroom for lunch.

Friday was “Fresh Friday.” There was a welcome breakfast provided for the counselors. McGreevy says, “Friday breakfast food was fruit, bagels, almond tort, coffee, donuts so continental style for Friday.” A delicious breakfast to start off the day.

Counselors were appreciated throughout the week for all their hard work. As  McGreevy says, “Guidance counselors see students sometimes at their worst,  yet push us all to do our best.  They often are the lifeblood of a school because they have to work with students with the greatest needs,  in an ever-changing and more complex time than ever.  They have big hearts and are great listeners, they do a lot more than just schedule classes.” The Morton West counselors play a big role in the school and are always available for the students.