Get to Know Savannah Brookman!


Savannah Brookman walks into the Morton West building, and it’s finally her senior year.

These years in school -and particularly the last two – have been quite a wild ride:  the coronavirus outbreak, the madness of a topsy-turvy school year, and laptop learning were a perfect storm of weirdness. After all those crazy things she had to experience in life while she was in school, Savannah Brookman can finally say she’s almost done.

Yep, almost done. Why? The Lyons native is on track to finish her high school career early when she graduates in December and heads off to the great unknown.

Brookman, 17, took a number of night school classes to earn additional credits through the course of her career here at Morton West. According to Brookman, she will be graduating a semester early due to taking extra night school classes. Brookman was asked what were her plans after completing high school, and she responded with, ” I  want to go into the medical field. I’m not sure exactly for what, but probably to be a surgeon.”

Savannah does not partake in any extracurricular activities at school, but she is a lifeguard at Morton. Some things she enjoys doing are working and listening to music. She works at The Feed Store in Summit, Illinois. When it comes to music, Brookman likes listening to a little bit of everything. Some of her top artists are Harry Styles, Panic at the Disco, and Billie Eilish.

After asking Savannah what else she enjoyed, she stated “I like playing the ukulele, and I also rescue lizards.” After asking Savannah what got her into rescuing lizards, she responded with “I did powderpuff my sophomore year, and my coach Mrs. Skarr had a bearded dragon named Smaug. I got an attachment to it, because it was a little lizard it was so chill so then I got my own during quarantine.”

After being asked what’s a message to her younger self, Savannah said ” I’d tell my younger self to stop being nervous and just talk to people because I never made any friends my freshman and sophomore year, and it ruined the high school experience for me.”


Those were just some quick facts to get to know Savannah Brookman!