The Parents View of Remote Learning

Brianna Manning, Reporter

Morton Student and Parent Working Together

The Coronavirus has forced millions of students and teachers into Remote Learning, or “distance education”. This means that schools would shut down and people would not come into the school buildings to learn.

Thanks to modern technology, schools of all levels went digital and students can talk to their instructors and do their assignments all online. Many parents have different views on this new lifestyle, some will hate it, and others will try their best to deal with the situation as it comes.

Extracurriculars may have been especially rough on student-athletes or those in social clubs. Even with inactive parents, clubs can help with student grades.

Assistant Principal of Morton West High School, Claudia Fernandez, stated, “Unfortunately there are some parents that are not at home with their students helping them, so I think that makes it a little bit more challenging, which could be detrimental on the student learning as well.”

Few schools in Florida and Texas have opened back up for the idea of Hybrid Learning, and therefore gives the parents the option to send their kids to school for “in-person” classes. Going back is based off of personal preference, the main factor being if the parent feels comfortable enough with their child in a Hybrid Learning environment.

“I think that teenagers are a little irresponsible and I think that they (schools) can do as much as they can to safeguard our kids when they’re on campus and when they’re in school halls but what do you do when your kid walks home? How do you make sure that they’re not going to hug up on their friend or boyfriends and girlfriends who haven’t seen each other, they’re gonna kiss and there won’t be any social distancing.” Mother of two, Lashonda Gilmore, Texas, admitted.

Finally, with students across the nation feeling the pressure of Remote Learning, some parents are just as stressed and hope for a better outcome in the near future. “It’s a case by case basis and it’s almost like you make it what it’s gonna be,” Fernandez stated. All parents can do for their child is hope for the best and help them with their studies as much as they can.