Morton District Website Redesign

Isaac Rico, Reporter

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As the 2018-2019 school year has begun there has been many renovations, not only to the Morton West Campus, but also to the district’s informative website.  The once old and troublesome format of the website has been given new life with accessible and more efficient features.

The Important Message Pop-Up on The District 201 Website


The Morton District website has now gotten new and refined features that not only make the website more accessible, but also more appealing to look at when browsing the website.  The new additions have proven to be more practical than the old version of the desktop Morton District website.

The redesign of the website has always been a topic for the community for years.  As some of the website would either be lacking in overall function or even be so mundane with no demeanor.  As, Community Outreach Digital Website Specialist and Graphic Artist, Darrielle McCord states, “ A lot of feedback I have received is that the pdf documents posted on the page were not showing, people could not find what they were searching for, the search bar was not functioning, and there was just a lot of unnecessary added links that did not need to be crowded onto one page…. Apart from the website not being accessible, the overall look of the site itself was not visually appealing.

But as time progressed and more tools were given to help better the website, and change was on the horizon.  As when former Community Outreach leader, Josue Duarte, stepped down from his position, a new team consisting of McCord and her colleague, Community Outreach Coordinator, Janelly Corona helped to revise the Morton District website and restore the Morton image. As McCord declared that, “Together, Janelly and I made the unanimous decision that the Morton District 201 site had to be redesigned and easier for our users.”

Categorized Information on the District Website

Since the Morton District website is designed by Blackboard’s Graphic Design and Web Development team, only changes for accessibility and presentation were needed for the new Morton District website.  McCord runs through the new adaptations, “…Computers can read the screen or whatever is on the page for people with accessibility problems. As a school district, our site had to be ADA compliant to accommodate those people with hearing and vision problems….”  This later led to the succession of the main goal of reconstructing the Morton District website and even more development for other aspects of the site.

As the pivotal parts of the website were resolved from their former incompetent state, McCord and Corona began to give the website new life with a new aesthetic of the site.


Morton District Website’s Sidebar

As McCord states, “ Janelly and I looked through other district websites, picked attributes we liked from the sites we looked at and placed them together to get the final idea of how our new site should look. We sent those examples to the Blackboard Support team. Blackboard Support sent us a list of templates they had available and we did a live demo for every one until one caught our attention and was exactly what we were looking for….We brought the idea of changing the site template to Morton District 201’s Superintendent, Mr. Timothy Truesdale, and he agreed with his approval to change the website template.”  These changes were met with positive feedback for the website, as McCord says, “From then on, the website template has generated more responses and more views from the previous district site template.”

Although the new Morton District website will not be receiving any more updates other than the information, news, stories and events.  It is assured that the new and improved website is seeing its fair-shared amount of respect after the new changes. As McCord states, “ I had            received a great amount of positive feedback….”

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