Music in the Brain

Music research shows a positive impact on students

Sebastian Desantiago

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    Stress, anxiety, anger, and depression are four common emotions teens and students face on a daily basis without any schools taking action to solve within class time. A solution to help these students cope with negative emotions is to allow them to listen to music during class because music helps students do better in school, suppresses negative emotions , and helps relieve tensions between students and prevent violence tendencies allowing for a safer environment in the school.

    While teachers believe music music distracts students, I believe it’s the opposite with music helping students to be able to focus

    The primary reason I believe schools should allow for students to listen to music is because it helps students concentrate in classes and help students study. During class some students don’t like the silence of the room making students drowsy and not not able to concentrate. According to, music can enhance intelligence. This idea is backed by the “Mozart Theory” which indicates that people were much more focused listening to music during class than someone who wasn’t. If students listen to music then the schools overall scores would be boosted because of students being able to pay attention

    Another reason why I think schools should allow students to listen to music is that it helps calm emotions and helps students relax and suppress negative thoughts. I think if students use music during times of stress and anxiety, it’ll allow for better moods in school. I personally support this reason because this is a reason why I listen to music to help me in school and help me remain calm and not be distracted by any external sound. According to The Odyssey, when listening to your favorite music or band it allows your mood to improve and makes people feel positive and great. This can help  many students face the stressful work of classes and the anxiety of tests and other assessments.

    Additionally I believe that music helps ease tension between students and helps prevent fighting.  Music can influence kids to stop themselves from engaging in violent activities. Music can calm people before acting on their instinct.

      Music should be allowed to listen to music in class because it will help expand their knowledge quicker and allow for better concentration in class. Music also helps students cope with their emotions and can calm stress, anxiety, and depression. Music also helps to calm anger, making for a calmer school environment.


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