Is full day of daycare better at Morton West than half day?

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Not only did Morton West have a schedule change, so did the mini mustangs daycare. The daycare/child development program is now a full day instead of a half day for the 2018-2019 school year. This benefits parents and the students taking child development class because the time helps parents with their schedules and the students have more time to work with the kids. According to child development teacher Courtney Bay, Morton’s daycare had a “high demand” for a full day daycare,  a lot of parents wanted a full day daycare. 

Child Development classroom

The Mini Mustangs now start at 8:55 a.m. and get out at 2:55 p.m., this allows more students who attend Morton West and take child development as a class to get a more hands on experience. Last year, the daycare had a morning session and an afternoon session; eleven children attended the morning session and 9 children attended the afternoon session. This year there are fourteen children who attend the daycare, this is another positive affect with five more children for students to work with throughout the day.

Bay indicated the mini Mustangs daycare is opened to almost every child in any community. The only children who can’t attend the daycare are children of students at Morton West because the daycare is not funded by the State. The fee for the parents is  $10 a week for the children to attend the daycare. While the children are in the daycare they achieve emotional, physical, and social development, and also they focus on all school subjects. The children  now get taught even more with the full day daycare.

Mini Mustangs logo

Morton students take child development class, to learn about kids and their development. Child development can help a lot of students who have the desire to work with children when they are older.

Students are allowed to do activities and teach the children in the daycare. This is a great opportunity to see if working with kids is a good fit for you.  As one student, Nancy Lagunes”19 explains, “I do enjoy working with the kids but I don’t see myself as a teacher or working with kids although it helped me understand the minds of kids it has taught me how to help kids or communicate with them”.

Courtney Bay, Child Development instructor said “I sent out an email to all the parents of the kid who were in the daycare last year, asking how they felt about changing the time. All of them wanted it  to be a full day”. There were no complaints from the parent regarding the new schedule. Bay indicated there is present  discussion going on regarding the schedule as to whether it will remain the same or if they will go back to the old schedule for daycare.

Presently, Mini Mustang daycare services 14 children  from the community with 120 Morton West student taking Child Development  classes.

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