Morton West Construction: The Development

Isaak Rico, Reporter

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The stellar transformation is midway done at Morton West.  Earlier this year a project was started to construct the Freshman Academy right next to the Morton West Campus, along with the addition of a new stairwell on the second floor of A-hall and a new parent engagement room located in the cafeteria.  But now it seems that the project is currently taking strides with its progress as Principal Josh McMahon confirms that “Phase 1 is complete.”

The current construction phase occurring at the moment is the second out of the three phases taking place at Morton West.  As this second phase is set to renovate the administrative area of A-hall that is located on the first floor.

The next part of phase 2  this will incorporate the college and career center which will be located next to the cafeteria.  Then there will be a larger counselor’s office and a new dean’s office right next to college and career center. And to finish up the renovation of A hall,  a more up to date principal’s office near W-hall and a visitor’s center will be completed. These projects will be completed very soon, as Mr. McMahon says, “Phase 2 and 3 are currently in progress and are scheduled to finish in December.”     Mr. McMahon then notes that, “There will be no hiatus, the construction crew will be working through the winter.”

As construction advances through the year it seem that there has been no problems or signs of disturbance within the community.  But instead the situation appears to be gaining a lot of positive traction as Mr. McMahon states, “There has been no complaint about the construction as of yet, and I and several others are very happy with phase 1 with the new building and color as well as the new stairwell.  I am also proud to see the progress and excited to see the work that is going into it and how it will turn out to make Morton one of the best schools in the area.” This positive reinforcement of the current construction brings high hopes to many who wish to see the new Freshman Academy as well as the new opportunities that come with the new additions.

The ongoing Freshman Center construction near the Morton West Campus.

As Morton West’s Superintendent, Timothy Truesdale, states, “To date the district has paid approximately $13.4 million of the just-under $38 million budgeted for the Freshman Academy addition and the student/visitors services (A hallway) renovation, which will also include a new main entrance and visitor parking on Home Avenue.” With funds still remaining within the budget,  the new additions such as the new main entrance and visitor parking will soon make a positive impact on the school.  The exciting advancements in construction are sure to bring a more positive energy when it comes to the school’s community and disposition towards the construction project as a whole. “

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