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Inside look at the team and games

Valeria Lagunes

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Are you big sports fan and like to go to Morton’s sporting events? The Sterling decided to go around and ask student athletes and coaches about what goes on within the team and games.

Alan Lagunes’s soccer team won first place in a tournament

Our athletes have many different opinions about the sports they play. What some athletes seem to think about teams teams is that there may or may not be favoritism. Alan Lagunes, junior player on boys’ JV soccer, said, “I do think there is a lot favoritism. I think it is unfair for coaches to already have their teams picked when there are other good players that have potential.” Talking about coaches, Nayelly Villalobos, senior player on girls’ varsity soccer, prefers a guy coach because “they are tougher on you than a female coach would be.” If you play sports, you may have experienced players talking back to the coach or the coach has said something that hurt your feelings. “Yes, a coach has hurt my feelings before, but we always get over it. Sometimes even the players hurt the coach’s feelings when we say they didn’t coach us right about some things” shared Jose Ortega, senior player on varsity football. To make a successful team Mr. Crancich, sophomore A soccer coach, stated, “The dedication, the effort, obviously motivation, and the team spirit. I think the intensity again has to do with the effort that one puts in the game.” A lot goes on within the team and the coach, but everyone can agree that at the end of the day that is your family and they get through everything together.

Andrea Aquino is a junior player on varsity volleyball

There can great moments, bad moments, sad moments, embarrassing moments and even funny moments when playing in a game. Players also have to prepare for games.  Jose Ortega said, “I really like to wear my

headphones and just zone out. The best way to get me ready for a game is with music.” We need to hype ourselves up to start off the game right. Also, at least once in their lifetime, a player has had an embarrassing moment in their life. Andrea Aquino, junior player on varsity volleyball, has had many embarrassing moments as she shared “Yeah, I’ve had times where I make really bad passes or sometimes when I go to set the ball, it’ll go through my hands.” Having butter fingers on game day is not the best. Of course, there are times when we get mad during the game. Jose Ortega shared, “I have gotten into plenty of fights with other schools but they only last for so long before the referees stop it. It’s football so they know why we are mad and they usually let it slide most of time unless it is really bad.” Referees aren’t all the best sometimes and could be somewhat bias. Mr. Crancich has seemed to observe is that “…they are bias but they lean bad towards both teams. Surely there are some that are bias, but what I found is that they simply make bad calls for both teams.” You can only hope for the best when it comes to game day.

Game days are unpredictable. You never what can happen during a game but that is why you have a team that you can count on and will support you no matter.

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