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The future of sports is near; the return of the Xtreme Football League , also known as the “XFL”, comes in 2020.  Vince McMahon confirmed in the press conference that the XFL will consist of eight league-owned teams. The cities have not yet been determined. The current layout for an XFL season consists of a 10-game regular season, which will start in late January or early February followed by a postseason consisting of two semifinal games and a championship game. Vince McMahon, the founder of the XFL, took questions on a podium via, Twitter and YouTube TV from reporters and journalists on January 25, 2018. to outline the regulations and basis for the renewed football league. McMahon confirmed Thursday that he would solely fund the venture with $100 million, and simulate the game by implementing rules in order to keep the fans’ attention.

Business Insider
Vince McMahon addressing the public, at a press conference, that the XFL will return in 2020.

McMahon says “Sitting and watching a three to three-and-a-half hour game is laborious sometimes.”  McMahon also states that the new XFL “There are so many more opportunities that were never there before. Forget what we did with the XFL,” McMahon said. “That was a long time ago,” also said McMahon. With all the new digital sports networks today, the XFL may find a deal suited best for its size rather than just trying to be popular enough to be on NBC.

  The number of critics and fans commenting on the XFL’s return, the potential of success just keeps rising. After the announcement on January 25th, senior Oscar Molinar from Morton West High School was asked to speak on XFL’s return. “It is just crazy; it is like the WWE of football,” Molinar continued, “I just hope this doesn’t ruin the real game of football.” He further went on to say, “With all the money and investment they are putting into it, along with a two year prior confirmation of its return, I can see it lasting a lot longer than before.”

   Anthony Martinico ’20, a baseball player from Morton West, said “I feel like this league has a lot of potential,” Martinico went on, “I am honestly excited to see what this league has in store.” Martinico is actually planning on playing football next year for the varsity team as a junior. “Man, this is like bringing arena football back; I really don’t know what to expect,” Martinico continued, “but Chicago better have a team because I’m trying to go watch that foreal.”

    With the various amount of critics and fans commenting on the XFL’s return, the potential success of this league just keeps rising; it has fans clueless on what to expect. 2020 will be an adventurous, yet exciting year that can possibly change the world of sports. 

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